Saturn Magnetic (Sama) was born in 1978 in Casatenovo.
Founded by E. Pieretto and P. Capaldi, it developed its business by manufacturing solenoid valves. Initially, even if it had moderate sizes, the firm guaranteed – with appropriate equipments – a high degree of accuracy, fulfilling the appointed basic concept: submitting reliable and quality products.
Afterwards the small company changed and developed its technical and commercial expertise.
For these reasons in 1980 Saturn Magnetic received the prize “Como che lavora” as recognition of the production quality.
In May 1990 Sama moved to the present premises in Besana Brianza, expanding and updating from a technical point of view.

In 1995/1996 there was a new enlargement of the manufacturing area with the introduction of machinery for the moulding of plastic materials. In 2000 new offices and production spaces had been realized, reaching a total surface of more than 1200 sq. m.

Quality, reliability, readiness and flexibility have been making Saturn Magnetic’s products unique and guaranteed, since 1978.

Later time it took place the change of the corporate name in “SATURN MAGNETIC srl unip.” and the introduction of numerical control machines for standard or on customer’s request processing, thus increasing flexibility and readiness in meeting market requirements, for small production volumes as well.

In 2005 the company obtained the ISO 9001 Certification and afterwards further product certifications.

Customers ask for advanced technology which Saturn is prepared to meet in the sectors of hydropneumatics, petrochemistry, food chemical products, burners, vending machines and in steam applications and gas analysis. Sama is a leader company in the field of hooters and car/truck alarms and it offer its services to the top manufacturers of industrial ironing-laundry machines and irons with separate boilers.